Behavioral Strategies for Bipolar Disorder Training

Behavioral strategies and psychoeducation are heavily emphasized in each of the five psychosocial treatments for bipolar disorders that have been tested in randomized clinical trials. Through the use of lecture, handouts, case examples and role plays, Dr. Alisha Brosse provides training in:

  • the core components of psychoeducation for bipolar disorders;
  • key behavioral strategies for the management of bipolar disorders (e.g., mood charting, social rhythm therapy, opposite-of-emotion action, values-directed behaviors); and,
  • general implementation principles to enhance the effectiveness of behavioral strategies and the delivery of psychoeducation.

Dr. Brosse has offered this training to practitioners in private practice, to a local community mental health center, and on-line in collaboration with Practice Ground. To arrange for on-site training for your organization, or learn when the next on-line course will be conducted, call Dr. Brosse directly at 720/252-0611.