BCCBT Affiliates

BCCBT is building a network of affiliates along the Front Range who hold similar values in regards to the practice and dissemination of evidence-based psychosocial treatments. Affiliates maintain their own independent practices.

Aviva Bass-Huh, Psy.D.
Brenda Bomgardner, L.P.C.
Jedediah M. Bopp, Ph.D.
Arnica Buckner, Ph.D.
Lauren Goldsmith Ph.D.
Vyga G. Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Petrea Mah, M.A., LPC
Meg McKelvie, Ph.D.
Samantha Monk, Ph.D.
Kathleen Semansky, M.Ed.
Samantha Strife, Ph.D.
Lacey Taylor, Ph.D.
Brooks Witter, M.A., L.P.C